Sign up and be the first to know about the latest super deals from Evolution. © is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Best Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Plastic. Steel. Thanks to its large number of teeth, it performs clean and precise cuts without difficulty. Chop Saws Circular Saws Magnetic Drills Metal Cutting Blades Bench Top Saw Stands Chop Saws Circular Saws Magnetic Drills Metal Cutting Blades Bench Top Saw Stands See ... Evolution S185CCSL: Metal Cutting Circular Saw 7-1/4 in. Because the material is cold it can be handled and worked on immediately. That’s for sure is given for a higher price because that coating prevents the blade from heating up as much and gives the blade a longer life span, rust prevention and allows you to run the blade and the saw longer. The truth is that you cannot compare apples to oranges. Holesawing Bi-Metal Holesaws TCT Metal Holesaws TCT Multi Purpose Holesaws Diamond Holesaws Holesaw Accessories Machining Carbide Burrs End Mills Slot Drills Polishing Backing Pads Polishing Compounds Routing Router Bits Accessories. The 10-inch blade should have more quality control. ... Evolution Circular Saw Blades . Blade Out Of Stock. For example, a cutting depth of 3 inches will require a blade of diameter of 8 ¼ inches. Also, the diameter of the blade has a relationship with the RPM capacity of the circular saw, larger diameters have lower RPM capacity than smaller diameters. Tungsten carbide blades can be used for clean and precise cuts of softwood, hardwood, coated particleboard, non-ferrous metal, plastic, Plexiglas sheets, plywood, veneer and MDF. They are used in rip blades, where a fast feed rate is important to prevents overheating and bottom-side tear-out isn’t an issue because the cut runs parallel to the wood fibers. Shop direct from Evolution Power Tools. They must not be thicker than the blade and have a diameter at least 10 mm smaller than that of the clamping flange. The only disadvantage for the tungsten carbide blades is that it’s hard to be sharpen. The coating may be of platinum,Teflon, chrome, titanium, or iridium. Circular Saw Blade. Choosing a slightly smaller blade is not dangerous; simply you will have a maximum depth of cut reduced. ... 180mm Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blades Black Decker Hitachi Elu Evolution Draper. A blade is a toothed metal disc with a hole in the middle that is called a bore. Meaning that you can use the same circular saw for cutting wood, also for cutting masonry blocks and concrete. No need for separate beveling tool or technique to make your bevels, just change the angle of the Evolution and get it done in seconds. Evolution TCT saw blades are designed for Evolution Steel cutting saws, but can also be fitted to other brands. The EVOLUTION® Multi-Purpose Blade range allows EVOLUTION® saws to easily slice through steel, aluminium and wood even wood with nails. This inclination prevents the abrupt return of the blade to the user. Headquarters: Evolution Power Tools Ltd. Venture One, Longacre Close, Holbrook Industrial Estate, Sheffield, S20 3FR. There are blades with 10 to 80 teeth. Carbide is a hard compound material that is denoted by the metal added to it, meaning that there is another metal that will be added to the carbide compound. Featuring a hardened blade body, which ensures the blade runs truer for longer, TCT tooth configuration enables fast, efficient cuts and high-grade carbide teeth for increased durability. Copyright © Evolution® All rights reserved. The blades with little number of teeth are used for rough carpentry works as they cut quicker than the blades that have many teeth. Evolution Circular Saws . They also present a wide variety of teeth. Suitable for cutting hard and softwood which could potentially contain nails such as decking and fence panels without damaging the blade or tool. see all. The blades are not made entirely of carbide compound, it’s only the tips. These are also few considerations that you should have in mind when you choose your blade: Note that the indentations are provided so that the metal can expand under heat.

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